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Birthdate:Mar 31
Location:United States of America
Here's my stats:
Harley - 25 - Bi - Pagan - Aries - Gamer - Poly
Currently owned by my cat, Phoebe
I am married, but in an open relationship, which means my husband and I are free to date outside of our relationship, but it must be people we are both comfortable with.

I currently own my own businesses -- and
Natural health and natural bath and body products are things I'm very passionate about. I'll be hosting auctions soon to support important causes (it'll vary with each auction) with my products as prizes. So stay tuned for that!

I had my son on November 8th, 2011 and, while I had to have him in a hospital due to emergency circumstances, I do support alternative birth choices, and am doing my best to be an advocate for knowing your body and empowering yourself for, and through, birth (and beyond).

I am a multiple. I have many soulbonds and different personalities. This isn't an illness, or a 'condition', it's just how I am. I probably won't write about that much here, though.

I am Pagan, but that doesn't make me intolerant to other religions. I hope the same courtesy can be extended towards me. I love everyone equally and respect everyone equally. However, what people choose to do with that love and respect is up them. Just because I respect them, doesn't mean that I have to continue to do so, especially after they've done something to hurt me or my family.
I currently follow Hathor/Sekhmet, Lilith and Kuan-Yin and receive guidance from Dionysus.

My blog will just be normal stuff: daily things, rants, ramblings, the occasional piece of art -- writing, drawing, whatever else. If you think we'd get along, please don't hesitate to comment on my friends-only post with a little info about yourself and add me!

EDIT: Also, if you are a homophobe, incompassionate jerk, racist, sexist or outright moron who can't take a moment and think about how their actions or words affect others.. you have NO place on my list. Don't like it? Not my problem.
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